Gottlieb Doxie

Would like to get in touch with anyone researching Doxie or Doxey etc of German origin. I am a senior who has been researching Doxie for years and have come to a dead end in the 1850's. Made a special trip from Tucson. Ariz to New York City in May of 1999 to search the Archives and only found that Gottlieb Doxie got married in July of 1857 and that both he and his bride were from Germany. Also from the New York City Directory in the 1850's his name appeared as both Doxie and Doxey at the same address. Checked the Death Records up into the 1900s and he did not appear. My mother stated years ago that all her grandparents died before she was born. I only know of one child they had which is my great grand mother Josephine (Doxie) Wolpers who was married to Jacob Wolpers in 1872. Any help would be appreciated.

Warren T. Lynch, Tucson, Az.

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