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1830 DOXSEE CORNWAL Stark County OH 291 Brookfield 

1840 JoDavies Co. IL census, sheet 376, East Galena Pct. Jacob Doxsee 1 male -5 1 male 30-40 1 female -5 1 female 15-20 1 female 20-30
1840 Mercer Co IL census, sheet 320, township 15 Alford Doxsee 1 male -5 1 male 20-30 1 female 20-30
1840 Winnebago Co IL census, p. 426, line 31 Twp 46n R3e Henry Doxey
1850 Winnebago Co IL 50-52 Henry Doxie 50, male, b. England Margaret 35, fem, b. NY Sarah E. 14, fem, b. OH Melissa J. 12, fem, b. Ind. Martha A. 10, fem, b. IL Louisa M. 6, fem, b. IL 1850 Illinois Mortality Schedule Winnebago County Henry E. Doxie 1m, IL, Oct, brain edma 00 1850 [I didn't copy the codes, sorry] 1850 Doxie, Henry Winnebago Co IL 389 Roscoe 1850 Mercer Co. IL 4 Oct, sheet 405, twp 15n, r1w Alfred Doxsee 37, male, farmer, b. NY Sarah 38, fem, b. Penn William 10, male, b. IL Harriet 4, fem, b. IL 1850 Mercer Co IL 15th pct, sheet 406, 4 Nov Doxsee, Cornwall 41, male, farmer, b. NY t15n, r1w [mov from Oh to IL aft 1847] Sarah 41, fem, b. Pa. Mary E. 18, fem, b. Oh. Isaac 10, male, b. Oh. Jonathan 7, male, b. Oh. Augustus 3, male, b. Oh. 1850 JoDavies Co IL 19 Nov, Vinegar Hill pct. 1838-1842 216 Jacob Doxey 46, male, farmer - $1500, b. England b. c1804 Lizzy 38, fem, b. Penn Hannah M. 15, fem, b. Penn James 12, male, b. Penn Margaret J. 7, fem, b. IL William 3, male, b. Aug 1847 IL Alice A. 2/12, fem, b. Sept 1850 IL Thomas Smith 28, male, laborer, b. Ireland John Fleud 40, male, miner, b. Scotland
1850 Rock Island Co IL 226 37th dist, 26 Oct, [see 1840 Stark Co OH] Ransom Doxee 39, male, miller, b. NY [to IL bet 1836-41] b. c1811 Eunice 35, fem, b. Mass. [1860 says Maine] James 14, male, b. OH Cynthia 9, fem, b. IL Mibrisa? 7, male, b. IL Charles 6, male, b. IL Harvy 4, male, b. IL Laffayette 2, male, b. IL
1855 IL State census. Vandalia, Fayette Co. Ransom Doxie 1 white fem -10 3 males 10-20 1 fem 10-20 1 male 20-30 1 male 50-60
1860 Fayette Co IL census. 5 June, Vandalia Ransom Doxey 49, male, miller, b. NY Eunice 45, fem, b. Maine Cinthia 18, fem, b. IL Charles 16, male, printer, b. IL [Civil War] see mg records Harvy 14, male, b. IL Layfaitte 11, male, b. IL Francis 9, male, IL Melvin 5, male, b. IL Roda 7, fem, b. IL Alice 3, fem, b. IL
1860 Stephenson Co IL census, 19 July, p. 469 Town of West Point. P.O. Lena John Doxey 25, male, farmer, $350 real estate, b. OH [John Watson Doxey] Ann 20, fem, b. Pa [Margaret Ann Louise {Henderer} A. 2, male, b. Pa. [Alfred Solomon] Harvey Laurn?is???45, male, b. Mass Rosanna Fr?aley??? 53, fem, b. Germany John Hinds 25, male, b. Germany Jacob Doxey 25, male, carpenter, b. OH
1880 Henry Co IL, Genesco Twp. sheet 45 Nathan Doxey 51, white, male, b. NY Julia A., his wife, age 44, b. NY Fred son, 12, b. IL Edwin son, 9, b. IL Hal son, 5, b. IL Viola dau, 3, b. IL Solomon Towsley son in law, 25, b. IL Annette, wife, 21, b. Mich. Nathan J. 1, b. IL gr son
1880 Cook Co IL, Chicago, soundex/census, adr: 276 W. Taylor, Chicago Peter Dox white, male, age 65, b. NY Elsie, wife, 64, b. NY Anthony Giroux, son in law, 40, b. Canada Frances, dau, 40, b. NY Josephine, gr dau, 9, b. IL Maude, gr dau, 7, b. IL Hannah Jacobs, gr dau, 19, b. IL Charles Jacobs, gr son, 16, b. IL [Albany NY line shortened from Doxie to Dox]
1880 Kane Co IL, soundex/census, v. 29, sheet 26, line 39 adr: Main St., Elgin, Kane Co IL Seth Doxie, white, male, 27, b. Vermont Eleanor, wife, 27, b. IL Charles, son, 5, b. IL Edward, son, 4, b. IL Mary, dau, 1, b. IL [see mg rec, Seth E. Doxie md Nellie Abbott July 4, 1873 McHenry Co IL]
1880 Rock Island IL, Rock Island twp., city of Rock Island census/soundex, roll 31, D-200 v. 48, sheet 17, line 45 Lizzie Doxey, age 8, female, white, b. IL step dau of George Buchanon [see mgs, Geo Buchanan md. Feb 12, 1875 R. I. Co to Mrs. Jane Doxsee]
1880 Scott Co IL census/soundex, Alsey pct, v. 51, sheet 30, line 14 Thomas Doxey, white, male, 55, b. England Nancy, wife, 52, b. IL John R., son, 14, b. IL James J., son, 10, b. IL
1900 soundex, Chicago, Cook Co, IL Mable Doxsee, white, fem, age 22, b. Apr 1878 Canada, liv 1318 Sheffield Ave. Sada Doxsee, white, age 20, b. March 1880 Canada Living in the home of their bro in law of Peter Hall
1900 soundex, Cook Co IL, Wentworth Ave., Chicago. Minnie L. Doxey, white, age 34, b. May 1866 Mich. Louis J. son, age 20, b. June 1880 Mich.
1900 soundex, Chicago, Cook Co IL, sheet 3, line 18 William M. Dox white, male, age 34, b. Aug 1866 IL Agnes R. his wife, age 28, b. Nov 1872 NY Delmer F. son, age 10, b. Dec 1889 IL Mildreth dau, age 1, b. Aug 1898 IL
1900 soundex, Vinegar Hill twp., JoDavies Co IL. sheet 4, line 94 William H. Doxey white, male, age 52, b. Aug 1847 IL [see Jacob & Lizzy Doxey] Alice A. Doxey sister, age 49, b. Sept 1850 IL William Cramer [says sister], age 33, b. date not given, IL
1900 soundex, s. Elgin, Elgin twp., Kane Co IL [very dark copy] Seth E. Doxey white, male, age unk, b. June 1853 Vermont Nellie wife, age 48, b. Oct 1852 IL Emma dau, age 17?, b. June 18?2 IL Seth son, age 1?, b. Oct 188? IL
1900 soundex, Mercer Co IL Loran Doxie, white, age 41, b. Oct 1858 Iowa miner, liv Millersburg twp.
1900 soundex, Sangamon Co IL. Springfield. Pct. 3 Minnie Dox, white, age unknown, living alone.
1900 Winnebago Co IL census, Rockford Twp., Rockford City, 5 June, p. 160-a Isaac Doxsey white male, age 39, b. Sept 1860, engineer on R.R., Eng, Eng, Eng Mary E., wife, b. Jan [or June?], 1871, age 29, IL, Eng, IL md 13 yrs, 2 ch all living Mary I., dau, b. Jan 1888, age 12, IL, Eng, IL Florence J., dau, b. Feb 1892, age 8, IL, Eng, IL L? E. Hubbell, father in law, b. Jan 1835, age 65, md 35yrs, Eng, Eng, Eng Elizabeth Hubbell, mother in law, b. May 1857, age 43, 4 ch. all living, Eng, Eng, Eng Clyde C. Hubbell, bro in law, b. Oct 1889, age 20, single, IL, Eng, Eng Anna Ward, servant
1900 soundex, East Rockford, Rockford Twp., Winnebago Co., IL Robert E. Doxsee white, age 30, b. Dec 1869 Iowa Sarah A. his wife, age 27, b. Feb 1873 IL Henry L. son, age 4, b. Dec IL
Illinois Public Land Purchase Records Name Type Section Sect Township Range Meridian Acres Price Total Date Month Date Day Date Year Reside Volume Page Blank SocStat ID Corr-Tag Dox, William SC N2SWSA 18 19N 13W 2 45.56 1.25 56.75 Male 01/17/1835 Unk. 817 010 Vermillion Dox, William SC NESESA 13 19N 13W 2 40.00 1.25 50.00 Male 01/17/1835 Unk 817 010 Vermillion Dox, William SC SESESA 13 19N 13W 2 40.00 1.25 50.00 Male 09/01/1836 Unk 817 013 Vermillion Doxey, Charles T. SW LOT2NW 04 27N 07E 3 0064.00 002.34 00150.00 Male 11/18/1862 Unk SWP 278 Livingston Doxey, Charles T. SW E2LOT1NW 04 27N 07E 3 0064.00 002.34 00150.00 Male 11/18/1862 Unk SWP 278 Livingston Doxy, Latimer FD NESE 32 27N 06E 3 40.00 000.00 Warrant Male 05/18/1854 Unk 230 157 Livingston Doxy, Thomas FD NE 31 27N 06E 3 160.00 000.00 Warrant Male 02/25/1853 Unk 231 172 Livingston Doxey, Henry FD SESW 13 46N 02E 3 40.00 1.25 50.00 Male 11/21/1845 Unk 706 077 Winnebago Doxey, John MT NW 28 02N 02W 4 0160.00 000.00 Warrant Male 01/03/1818 Unk 807 205 Schuyler Doxie, Thomas MT NE 33 10N 01E 4 0160.00 000.00 Warrant Male 01/03/1818 Unk 807 205 Knox Doxon, George? MT NE 26 03N 06W 4 0160.00 000.00 Warrant Male 08/29/1818 OHIO 808 532 Hancock Doxsee, Alfred FD W2SW 04 15N 01W 4 80.00 1.25 100.00 Male 09/22/1839 Unk 710 116 Mercer Doxsee, Cornwall FD NWSW 28 16N 01W 4 40.00 1.25 50.00 Male 05/17/1853 Unk 710 007 Rock Island Doxy, Albert FD E2LOT1NW 04 23N 06W 3 40.00 000.00 Warrant Male 12/10/1851 Unk 825 008 Tazewell
Bounty Land Warrant p. 1 Warrant No. 14128 AGO 160 acres War of 1812 Act of Dec 24, 1811 - Jan 11, 1812 Warrantee: John Doxey Soldier: John Doxey, Private Service: 5th Infantry Nature of claim: Bounty Land Single p. 2 By Lt. Col. Joseph L. Smith E. W. Duval Commanding the fifth Regiment of U.S. Infantry. John Doxey a private of Captain David Perry's Company, in the fifth Regiment of Infantry enlisted on the twentieth day of May 1812, for the period of five years and, having served faithfully the full term of his enlistment, is hereby honorably Discharged from the service of the United States. The said John Doxey is thirty [can't read, looks like 33] years old, five feet four inches high; has dark complexion; dark hair; grey eyes; was born in Oyster Bay in the state of New York and by profession, when enlisted, a farmer. Given under my hand, at Detroit this twentieth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventeen. Jos. L. Smith, Lt. Col. Com'g. the 5th Regt. U. S. Inf'y
Book: War of 1812 - Bounty Lands in ILL John Doxey 132 Jan 3, 1818, wt. 14128, pvt., Perry's 5th inf., del. to N.Y. N.W.28, T2N R2E [See John Doxey land record for Schuller Co IL] Thomas Doxie 132 Jan 3, 1818, wt. 13201, pvt., Ingersolll's 41st Inf. NE33 10N 1E del. to N.Y. [See Thomas Doxie land record in Knox Co IL]
Illinois State Archives Civil War Service Report The records of the Adjutant General's Office, now in the State Archives, show the following Civil War service record on: Name: Doxsee, Charles W. Rank: Private Unie: Company D, 41st Infantry Age: 18 Height: 5'5" Hair: Black Eyes: Gray Complexion: Light Marital Status: Single Occupation: Farmer Nativity: Town: - - - County: Mercer State: Illinois Joined for Service and Enrolled: When: July 30, 1861 Where: Decatur, Illinois By Whom: Captain True Term: 3 years Mustered Into Service: When: August 9, 1861 Where: Decatur, lllinois By Whom: Colonel Simmons Residence: Town: Vandalia County: Fayette State: Illinois Remarks: Re-enlisted as a veteran. Transferred to a Veteran Battalion. Transferred to Company K, 53rd Infantry, mustered out July 22, 1865. Name: Doxsee, Jacob Rank: Corporal Unit: Company G, 92nd Infantry Age: 25 Height: 5'8" Hair: Dark Eyes: Dark Complexion: Dark Maritial Status: Single Occupation: Mechanic Nativity: Town: Norton State: Ohio Joined for Service and Enrolled When: August 9, 1862 Where: Lena, Illinois By Whom: J. M. Schermanham Term: 3 years Mustered Into Service When: September 4, 1862 Where: Rockford, Illinois By Whom: Lieutenant Tibbatts Residence Town: Lena County: Stephenson State: Illinois Mustered Out When: June 21, 1865 Where: Concord, North Carolina By Whom: Lieutenant Widemeyer Remarks: Mustered out as Sergeant Name: Doxsee, Harvey Rank: Private Unit: Company F, 97th Illinois Infantry Age: 18 Height: 5'4" Hair: Light Eyes: Black Complexion: Light Marital Status: Single Occupation: Farmer Nativity Town: Bowling Green County: Fayette State: Illinois Joined for Service and Enrolled When: August 12, 1862 Where: Fayette County, Illinois By Whom: Captain Weld Term: 3 years Mustered into Service When: September 8, 1862 Where: Camp Butler By Whom: Lieutenant DeCourcey Residence Town: Ramsey County: Fayette State: Illinois Mustered Out When: July 29, 1865 Where: Springfield, Illinois By Whom: Lieutenant Smith Name: Dox, James Rank: Private Unit: Company K, 72nd Illinois Infantry Age: 18 Height: 5'7" Hair: Brown Eyes: Dark Complexion: Dark Marital Status: Single Occupation: Plumber Nativity Town: Birmingham County: State: Michigan Joined for Service and Enrolled When: August 13, Where: Chicago, Illinois By Whom: Capt. Reid Term: 3 years Mustered into Service When: August 21 Where: Chicago, Illinois By Whom: Capt. Christopher Residence Town: Chicago County: Cook State: Illinois Mustered out When: August 7, 1865 Where: Vicksburg, Mississippi By Whom: Capt. Landers Name: Dox, Charles T. Rank: Private Unit: Company A, 20th Illinois Infantry Age: 23 Height: 5'11" Hair: Dark Eyes: Hazel Complexion: Dark Marital Status: Married Occupation: Tinsmith Nativity Town: Geneva County: Ontario State: New York Joined for Service and Enrolled When: June 15, 1861 Where: Joliet, Illinois By Whom: Capt. Pitcher Residence Town: Champaign County: Champaign State: Illinois Mustered Out Remarks: Promoted to 2nd Lt. Resigned 1864.
The Past And Present of Rock Island County, ILL., 1877 p. 252 Rock Island County War Record Company F, privates: Doxsee, Isaac, enlisted July 26, '62, transferred to First US Cav. Oct 25, ''62. p. 259 140th I. V. I. (100 Days.) [IL Vol Inf] Company G Privates Doxee, Aug., enlisted May 21, 1864, mustered out Oct 29, 1864 p. 329 Rock Island County: Moline City. Doxsie, A. farmer p. 376 Biographical Directory of Rock Island County Illinois Doxsee, Augustus H. Carpenter; Milan; born in Stark Co., Ohio, May 22, 1847; came to this county in 1849; Rep; Ind; owns town property valued at $500; son of Cornwall Doxsee, of this County; Volunteered in Co. G., 126th Illinois Regiment, under Colonel Whitney; name of wife was Ann Crummy, of Ireland; married Dec 7, 1873; she was born May 26, 1857; have two children, James H., born Feb 14, 1874; Sarah E., March 1, 1877. [see 1850 census] p. 384 Milan Business Directory Doxee, Augustus H. - Carpenter.
Illinois Civil War Roster - Eighty-Ninth Infantry, Company F Rock Island Co. IL Doxsee, Isaac Coal Valley Jul 26, 1862 Oct 13, 1862 Tr to 1st US Cav Oct 25, 1862 Doxsee, Jonathan F. Coal Valley Aug 6, 1862 Oct 13, 1862 Tr to 1st US Cav Oct 25, 1862
20th ILLINOIS VOLUNTEER INFANTRY organized in May 1861 Champaign County, Illinois Charles T. Dox - Promoted 2nd lieutenant Second Lieutenant Charles T. Dox, Champaign - Resigned 1864
Civil War Soldiers Charles W Doxsee enlisted in Illinois 30 July 1861 as a Priv in the Union Army Charles W Doxsee enlisted in Illinois 04 January 1864 as a Priv in the Union Army Augustus Doxsee enlisted in Illinois 21 May 1864 as a Priv in the Union Army Harvey Doxsee enlisted in Illinois 12 August 1862 as a Priv in the Union Army Isaac Doxsee enlisted in Illinois 26 July 1862 as a Priv in the Union Army Jacob L. Doxsee enlisted in Illinois 09 August 1862 as a Corpl in the Union Army Jonathan F Doxsee enlisted in Illinois 06 August 1862 as a Priv in the Union Army Lafayette Doxsee enlisted in Illinois 08 February 1865 as a Priv in the Union Army
Historical Register and Dictionary of the US Army by Heitman 1903 Hamilton Bogart Dox, N.Y. ILL Maj. 12th ILL Cav, 4 Jan 1864. Lt. Col. 29 Oct 1864; Bvt Col and Brig Gen. Vol's 29 May 1866 for gal and mer ser; hon must out 29 May 1866

The Civil War Dictionary p. 245 Hamilton Bogart Dox. Union officer. N.Y. Maj. 12th ILL Cav. 4 Jan '64; Lt. Col. 29 Oct. '64; Bvt. B.G. USV 29 May '66.

Roll Of Honor, Record of Burial Places of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Army Nurses V. 2, p. 681 Winnebago Co IL Cedar Bluff Cemetery, Rockford, ILL Jacob L. Doxsee, Sgt., Co "G" 92nd ILL Inf. died 5-25-1906
Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763 - 1900 GROOM BRIDE CNTY DATE VOL/PAGE LIC DOXSEE, MILLIE M BEACH, FRANKLIN BOND 01/11/1860 A/ 10 DOX, CLARA WICKER, HENRY COOK 10/24/1893 / 00209212 DOX, FRANCES L GATES, BENJAMIN F COOK 05/25/1892 / 00183732 DOXEY, ELEANORE ROBB, PHILIP H COOK 02/07/1894 / 00214120 DOXEY, HATTIE M BARBER, MERTON COOK 06/26/1883 OOE/ 00072856 DOXIE, EMMA PLUMMER, ALLEN COOK 10/19/1887 / 00119706 DOX, C S BURLINGAME, SARAH CHAMPAIGN 11/09/1857 002/0051 DOXSEE, CHARLES RADCLIFF, MARTHA FAYETTE 12/13/1866 00A/0101 DOXSEE, MARTHA PARKER, WILLIAM FAYETTE 11/05/1870 00A/0124 DOXEY, CHARLES CRAWFORD, ESTELLA KANE 09/23/1896 / 00010531 DOXEY, SETH ZIMMERLI, MARIE KANE 04/12/1905 / 00016595 DOXEY, EMMA L SCHALLER, GEORGE F KANE 12/26/1878 000/0000 00000372 DOXEY, MAY DAVIS, HENRY E. KANE 05/30/1900 / 00012716 DOXY, WILLIAM SANFORD, SOPHRONIA LAKE 12/23/1865 00B/0256 092M1091 DOXIE, SETH E ABBOTT, NELLIE MC HENRY 07/04/1873 A/ 112 4462 DOXEE, FRANCIS M WHEELER, MARY A MC LEAN 07/07/1874 00H/0001 DOXSEE, MILLIE MOORE, SHERWARD P MC LEAN 07/03/1870 00F/0290 DOXEY, LOREN B BRIDGFORD, MARY MERCER 10/19/1897 001/0229 00006792 DOXSEE, ALFRED MALABY, SARAH MERCER 03/12/1846 00A/ 00000266 DOXSEE, ALFRED SMITH, HARRIET MERCER 07/05/1838 00A/ 00000033 DOXEY, LOREN B BRIDGFORD, MARY MERCER 10/19/1897 001/0229 00006792 DOXSEE, ALFRED MALABY, SARAH MERCER 03/12/1846 00A/ 00000266 DOXSEE, ALFRED SMITH, HARRIET MERCER 07/05/1838 00A/ 00000033 DOX, HENRY B[ogart] [Albany NY line, bro Hamilton Bogart Dox]] COCKLE, SUSAN B PEORIA 06/16/1864 003/0121 00007051 DOXSEE, AUGUSTUS WILHITE, FRANCES A ROCK ISLAND 04/28/1867 00C/0088 00005336 DOXSEE, AUGUSTUS H CRUMMIE, ANNIE ROCK ISLAND 12/07/1873 00C/0222 00008741 DOXSEE, HARRIET J PARKS, HUGH H ROCK ISLAND 10/01/1874 00D/0013 00009022 DOXSEE, SARA E CUMMING, JOSEPH S ROCK ISLAND 06/10/1895 00E/0205 00017109 DOXSEE, JANE MRS BUCHMAN, GEORGE ROCK ISLAND 02/12/1875 00D/0020 00009162 DOXSY, THOMAS GRAY, NANCY SCOTT 04/21/1864 /0130 00002231
1900 Winnebago Co IL Jacob L. Doxsee Born: 4 July 1837 Akron, OH Died: 16 May 1906 Rockford, IL
Seth E. DOXEY/DOXIE Lived on Main St., Elgin, Kane Co, IL Born: c1853 Vermont, age 27 in 1880 Md: 4 July 1873 McHenry Co. IL Nellie E. "Eleanor" Abbott Born: 1844 IL Father: Nathaniel King Abbott Mother: Ann Marie Devore Children: Charles Edward Mary
Hamilton B.[ogart] [Doxie] Dox [b. 28 Apr 1827 Geneva, Ontario Co., NY] [This is Hamilton Bogart Doxie, bro of Henry Bogart Doxie, from the Geneva, Ontario Co., NY] Chicago, Cook Co, IL Commissioned Notary Public May 25, 1857 Executive Record 1856-60

Newspaper clipping Gen. Hamilton B. Dox, for 38 years cashier of the Hibernian bank, Chicago, died of pneumonia in that city, on the 13th. Gen Dox was 84 years of age.

Jacob Doxey JoDavies Co IL. Town of Mann Commissioned Justice of the Peace May 12, 1853. Executive Record 1852-56, v. 6, p. 106
Henry Bogart Doxie or Dox Moved from Albany, New York to Peoria, Peoria Co, IL Born: 12 Oct 1839 Geneva, Ontario Co., NY Father: Gerrit Dox Mother: Magdalen M. Bogart Md: Wife: Children: Caroline Magdalena Henry Lansing Julia Cockle Charles Laverett
Notes for Jacob Doxey/Margaret Henderer: 1810 census of Wayne Co OH - Jacob Doxey Book: Summit Co Ohio Cem Inscriptions, p. 96 Norton Center Cemetery, Norton Twp., Summit Co., Norton, Ohio. Jacob Doxee Died: July 16, 1837 aged 29y 7m 10d On the same stone is: Solomon Vickery
Book: Gleenings From Old Newspapers, Clay & Richland Co's IL, p. 108 Miss Dora Dox had a letter in the P.O. 4 Aug 1913
Whigs Of Jo Daviess County 1844 Feb. [IL] Jacob Doxey
Book: History of JoDaviess County IL p. 373 April 1834 Jacob Doxey, England, Dec 21, 1805. Arrived in June, 1839. p. 533 Galena Turnpike Company. Road from Galena to Wisconsin State line. Stock for sale. May 12, 1868 Jacob Doxey, R. S. Norris, Harvey Mann, George Sanders, J. M. Harris p. 632 Jacob Fawcett of the firm of Spensley & Fawcett etc. - - - married J. Doxie April 16, 1868. She was born in this county. They have three children. Mr. and Mrs. F. are members of the First M. E. Church. p. 808 Vinegar Hill Township Doxey, Jacob, farmer; Sec. 24, P. O. Galena Doxey, Thos., farmer; Sec 24, P. O. Galena Doxey, Wm. H., farmer; Sec 24, P. O. Galena
Book: History of Greene County Illinois p. 674 Dox, Robert, farmer, Sec 36, P. O. Rockbridge
Book: History of Fayette County Illinois p. 82 Charles Doxey was killed in 1867 in the Kaskaskia Bottom by Thomas Granfield, who was afterwards cleared on the plea of self defense. Other names mentioned: Harvey Radcliff killed by Beach 1856; Early settlers - Michael Radcliff, Moses Briscow c1833 [Note: Chas Doxsee md. Martha Radcliff Dec 13, 1866 Fayette Co IL] [Millie M. Doxsee md. Franklin H. Beach 11 Jan 1860 Bond Co IL]
Book: Listing of Persons Mentioned in Twp's of the Fayette Co IL 1910 History. p. 4 Doxy, Charles Sefton Twp.
Book: Newspapers and Periodicals of ILL p. 275 Ford County Blade, July-December 1876; A Democratic paper started by Creed and Doxsey.
Book: The History of McLean County ILL p. 774 [briefly] Dudley Creed, editor & publisher of The Democratic News, Bloomington was b. Aug 10, 1853 Berryville, Highland Co, OH, liv there 12 yrs. More on him. Mr. Creed moved to Bloomington in 1874. In 1876, in partnership with F. M. Doxsey, he purchased the job-printing establishment of A. L. Paine. In June 1876 moved the office to Paxton, Ford Co, IL and established the newspaper Ford County Blade. In Dec the same year sold out and returned to Bloomington and established the Democratic News, the first issue dated Jan 6, 1877.
Book: Tax and Land Records, Vermillion County, State of Ill Dox, William Oak 35
AMBOY NEWS newspaper index from July 1882 to 1 Jan 1886. Lee Co. IL Doxie C. T. 1/13/1883 p. 1, col. 2
Rock Island County National Cemetery at Rock Island Name, Section, Grave DOXSEE, GOLDIA M. L 698 DOXSEE, HENRY L. G 123 DOXSEE, JOHN S. L 698
Buried Mercer Co. IL Doxey, Mary Bridgford
Book: Pope County Illinois Marriages p. 6 Daniel Dox and Lealy McCollom mg. lic. iss. 1 Nov 1825
Note: I have given only the Doxsie references in these obits because they name living people.
Margaret Doxsie of Peoria, named as daughter in the obit of James E. Murphy, 79, who died March 299, 1992.
Mrs. Louis (Priscilla) Sisler Sr. of Pekin named as dau in the obit of Clarence H. Hoover, 87, who died Dec 16, 1991.
Macomb: Betty L. Shattuck, 55, died April 28, 1993. She was born Sept. 1, 1937, in Rock Island to Harry and Catherine Blunke Doxsee. One brother, Robert Doxsee of Pekin.
DOXSEE, BERTHA Female Born: Sep 9, 1892 IL Died: Aug 6, aged 66 yrs Alameda, Ca. Mothers maiden name: BARKHURST Fathers name: BOIES

DOXSEE, NYLE WARD Male Born: May 26, 1911 IL Died: April 3, 1981 aged 69 yrs, Ventura, Ca. Mothers maiden name: HANCOCK Soc Sec # 330-09-5394

DOXEY, HAMILTON E. Male Born: March 14, 1913 IL Died: May 21, 1982 aged 69 yrs, San Bernardino, Ca. Mothers maiden name: HAMILTON Soc Sec # 330-01-8512

DOXEY, KATHARINE HARPER Female Born: Nov 20, 1874 IL Died: Aug 5, 1955 aged 80 yrs, Los Angeles, Ca. Mothers maiden name: PEYTON Fathers name: HARPER Soc Sec # 563-05-3485

Rock Island National Cemetery Moline, Rock Island County, Illinois Doxsee, Henry Lorenzo, b. 12/15/1895, d. 07/01/1961, PFC 14TH CO 161 DEPOT BRIGADE, Plot: G 123, bur. 07/10/1961, * Doxses, Goldia, b. 04/05/1964, d. 04/29/1969, Plot: L 698, bur. 05/02/1969, * Kirk Cemetery, Ina, Jefferson Co., IL Doxie, Mark A. Aug.30,1958 Aug.24,1977 Doxsie, Derling E Oct 7,1912 Feb 26,1980 Doxsie, Grace E. Sept 4,1915 Mar 21,1988 Doxsie, Margaret A. 1932 1933 Doxsie, Ricky E. Aug 23,1957 Feb.23,1963
Those I Have Met, or Boys In Blue, by Harden, 1888 pgs 434, 435, 436, 437, 438, 439 Hon. Charles T. Doxey Was born in Tippecanoe Co., Ind., July 13, 1841. Father's name, William Doxey; Father died in 1844. Mother's name, Catherine Doxey. He was md. in 1864 to Clara, dau of William and Margaret Craycraft; wife died in Sept 1876; md. again in 1878 to Minnie S., dau of Thomas N. and Winnie C. Stilwell; Mother moved to Avoca, IL, about 1854, where Charles bound himself, about 1856, as an apprentice to learn the cabinetmakers trade; worked one year; during good weather made rails, built fences and drove oxen in breaking prairie; rainy weather worked in shop; by mutual consent, apprenticeship released. About 1857 family moved to Goodhue county, Minnesota, where he worked on a farm for $13 p/mo. in summer and in winter worked in a livery stable in Zumbrota. Went back to IL c1858; went to school at Avoca; engaged board at $2.50 p/wk; bought school books on time, and chopped wood at .50 p/cord, nights and mornings, and in timber on Saturdays to pay board & expenses. remained at school 9 mo's that yr. In 1859 he succeeded in getting a situation doing chores, nights and mornings at Fairbury, IL, for board, with Judge W. C. McDowell; remained with McDowell for 2 yrs; went to school 9 mo's each yr; during 3 mo's vacation, usually done job work or work by the day, cutting saw logs, digging wells, making rails, &c. Quit school to enlist; enl. as a pvt in Co A, 19th Ind., at Anderson, Indiana; was made Orderly Sgt. for a few days after enlistment; 3 mo's later was commissioned as Sgt Maj of the 19th Ind.; in Feb 1862, was comm 2nd Lt. in Co I, 19th Ind; Feb 28, 62 resigned as 2nd Lt and helped recruit the 53rd IL Regt at Chicago, IL; had recommendations for Majorship of that regt, but the regt was ordered to the field before filled and before Major was commissioned; was with that regt in the battle of Shiloh as a private soldier, though not at the time enlisted. The regt not being full, and no appt. to be made as Major on that account, he returned to Attica, Ind, and hired to work in a grain warehouse at $13 p/mo. worked about 2 mo's and received a comm from Gov. Morton as 2nd Lt., and ordered to recruit a company for the 72nd Ind. The Co was raised and Doxey elected Captain, and on going to camp the co was transferred to the 16th Ind, which made the regt full, and was then ordered to Richmond, Ky. 10 days after leaving Ind. the battle of Richmond, Ky was fought. Nearly 1/3 of the regt were either killed or wounded and a large number taken prisoners, Capt. Doxey being among the prisoners. The prisoners were parolled the next day, and then returned to Camp Morton, where they were regularly exchanged in about six weeks. The regt was then ordered to Memphis, Tn, then to Vicksburg, and was engaged in Sherman's 1st attack on Vicksburg and at Chickasaw Bluf; next at the battles of Port Gibson, Raymond, Laurel Hill, Champion Hills, Black River Bridge, May 22, charge on Vicksburg, and through the seige to t he surrender of Vicksburg. During the seige was detailed to organize the 4th Mississippi colored regt, and tendered the Colonel's commission. He preferred to stay with his Co. as a Captain. In the fall of 1863 the regt went to New Orleans, and remained there during the winter. In the spring it started on the Red River campaign. In the absence and detail of field officers, Capt Doxey took command of the regt. About March 25, 1864, he was ordered with the regt to gain the rear of Munson's Hill, where a camp of rebels was stationed, by making a night march; succeeded in capturing the picket posts, entered and surprised the camp, captured 450 men of the 2nd La. Regt., the 4th Ms Battery, camp supplies, &c. The next engagement of most moment was on Apr 8 at Sabine Cross Roads. Was ord to protect the right of the Federal line with the 16th Ind, 6th Mo, and a sect. of artillery, and held the position, repulsing a severe cavalry charge. On the next day following, at the battle of Pleasant Hill, he was wounded in the left knee early in the engagement. Later on he was wounded again with a gun shot wound in the face with a Minnie-ball. In this battle they captured the battle flag of the 19th Texas, with many prisoners. In the acct of the battle from the field to the New Orleans "Picayune", Capt Doxey was complimented as being the "young hero of the battle of Pleasant Hill". The conf. flag was presented to Capt Doxey by the regiment for his gallantry on that occasion. He was hauled in an ambulance to the river, and then by boat to New Orleans where he remained in the hospital about 30 days, when he was sent home on leave of absence, totally disabled for 6 mo's. He was then appointed upon Court Martial at Indianapolis, and served on the Board 5 or 6 mo's, then discharged on account of disability, his wound not permitting him to talk. For a year he was compelled to communicate everything by writing. In 1865 he returned to Anderson and went into the brewery business, then in the retail grocery business, and then in the heading and stave business. He remained in the latter bus. about 10 years. He was commissioned in the regular army in 1865 by Secretary Stanton, but the honor offered was declined. After closing out the heading business he engaged in business in Chicago for 3 yrs. returned to Anderson, built the Opera house, and engaged in the banking business; was elected State Senator for the co's of Delaware & Madison in 1876; served 6 yrs as a member of the City Council; was elected to Congress in 1882; eng in bus in New York in 1885, and cont in the same for 2 yrs; ret to Anderson, and is still living there. He was md. in 1864 to Clara, dau of William and Margaret Craycraft; wife died in Sept 1876; md. again in 1878 to Minnie S., dau of Thomas N. and Winnie C. Stilwell; resides on N. Main st, in Anderson, Ind, where he has loved so long and done so much, for thousands of dollars has he invested here in building up its interest. The Doxey music hall will long be an ornament to his enterprise, costing 75 thousand dollars, and built in 1882, which was burnt. Not discouraged, he rebuilt it again, with great splendor, the following yr. All over the city may be found buildings and evidences of his great enterprise. Thousands of men all over the county willingly testify to his liberality as to the wages he has paid to them in the varied pursuits. The Doxey corner, corner of Meridan and Anderson streets, built in 1887, is another monument to his memory. This building is 144 ft by 36 ft, and 2 stories high, stone front, costing $25,000 and is acknowledged to be one of the finest business rooms in the state. His residence is one of beauty and comfort, where he and his accomplished wife delight to welcome their many friends. Mr. Doxey ranks among the most successful business men in the west., and nowhere is he more respected and prized than at his home in the city of Anderson. While his term in Congress was of short duration, it was marked by industry and fidelty, so much so that he was renominated for a 2nd term, with and under great odds against him. He was defeated a few votes by Thomas B. Ward, who he defeated a few months previous in the same district. He is at this writing (1888) engaged with other capitalists in piping natural gas from Madison Co., to Richmond, Ind., requiring great capital and labor. But this only in part illustrates his desire and ability not only to develop the resources and interests of Anderson, but other parts of his country. On the stump Mr. Doxey is logical and deals with facts and figures from a business standpoint, often eloquent, and si listened to with great interest. Perhaps his best effort on the rostrum was at the Doxey music hall, just before the election in 1884, when thousands of his fellow citizens flocked to hear him on the eve of his 2nd candidacy for Congress. It is with great interest to me to thus notice here, however poorly it may be, Mr. Doxey as a citizen, ex-soldier and statesman, and we are glad that the city of Anderson has its **Doxey.** p. not numbered "Doxey House Shoe Store"
IGI Clara Dox b. 5 Aug 1869 Chicago, Cook Co, IL, dau of James K. Dox & Louisa Alfred S. Doxsee b. 27 Jan 1858 Waddams Grove, Stephenson Co IL, son of John Watson Doxsee & Margaret Ann Hinderer Jacob W. Doxsee b. 5 Feb 1862 Waddams Grove, Stephenson Co IL, son of John Watson Doxsee & Margret Ann Hinderer John W. Doxsee md. Margarett Ann Hinderer 14 March 1857 Stephenson Co IL Mary A. Doxsee b. 2 Oct 1860 Waddams Grove, Stephenson Co IL dau of John Watson Doxsee & Margret Ann Hinderer

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