Book: Index of Maryland Colonial Wills, 1634 - 1777 p. 137 Date, Name, County, Liber, Folio 1685 Doxey, Thomas St Marys Co Md 4, 132 1766 Doxcey or Doxey, Thomas St. Marys Co Md 34, 472 1703 Doxley, John St Marys Co Md [acct.] 3, 407 1772 Doxey, William St. Mary's Co Md 38, 940 Maryland Census 1776 Census of Maryland Frederick County Doxse, Elenor 20 Martha 2 William Doxy St Mary's Co., Md 1790 census, 104 1 male +16 1 female 6 slaves James Doxey St. Mary's Co., Md. 1790 105 census, pg 105 3 males +16 2 males -16 3 females Note: There are several Biscoe's on this page. 1799 Doxy, Susannah Prince George's Co Md Upper Marlborough 1800 Doxey, Henry St. Mary's Co Md 4 00100-11010-00 1800 Doxey, James St. Mary's Co Md 4 00111-00100-02 1800 Doxey, John St. Mary's Co Md 4 00001-02010-04 1800 Doxey, Joseph St. Mary's Co. Md 4 01030-00010-13 1810 Doxey, Joseph Baltimore Co Md 009 Baltimore City, Ward 8 1810 Doxy, Josiah St Marys Co MD 210 No Township Listed 1810 Doxy, Mary St Marys Co MD 212 No Township Listed 1820 Doxy, Biscoe S. Baltimore Co. Md. 094 2nd Ward 1820 Doxey, Joseph St Marys Co Md 056 no twp listed 1820 Doxey, Josiah St Marys Co Md 056 no twp listed 1820 Doxey, Mary St Marys Co Md 056 no twp listed 1830 Doxy, Josiah Baltimore Co Md 015 1st Ward Baltimore 1830 Doxey, Eliza Baltimore Co Md 073 2nd ward 1830 Doxon, Jacob Baltimore Co. Md. 159 5th coll 1830 Doxon, John Baltimore Co. Md. 166 5th coll 1840 Doxey, Josiah Baltimore Co. Md. 033 Baltimore 1840 Doxan, Jacob Baltimore Co. Md. 131 4th Dist 1840 Doxson, John Baltimore Co Md 145 4th Dist 1840 Doxey, John Baltimore Co. Md 145 4th Dist. 1840 Doxy, Ann St Mary County MD 146 2nd Election District 1840 Doxy, Josiah St Mary County MD 147 2nd Election District 1850 Doxen, Ann Baltimore Co Md 098 2nd Dist 1850 Doxon, Mary Baltimore Co Md 115 5th Ward Baltimore 1850 Doxey, Joseph Baltimore Co Md 155 1st Ward Baltimore 1850 Doxen, John Baltimore Co Md 303 1st Dist. 1850 Doxon, George [?] Baltimore Co Md 403 1st Dist 1850 Doxen, Jacob Hartford Co MD 104 2nd Dist 1850 Doxen, Elizabeth Hartford Co Md 104 2nd Dist
From Norann Most of this was gleaned from the Probate records of St.Marys Co MD Brothers & sister, children of ?: Thomas Doxey (wife's name not known) see later Eleanor William John Thomas Doxey (wife's name not known) Children of Thomas: Austin Sanford Doxey, had son Bisco Sanford Doxey. Jeremiah Sapphira Susanna.
Bisco Sanford Doxey Born: 7 Aug 1847. Is he the son of Austin Sanford Doxey and Mary (one source gives her surname as Biscoe, daughter of George). Bisco Sanford is not mentioned in Austin's will. Bisco Sanford Doxey had sons: Thomas Bisco Doxey Bisco Sanford, Jr.
Supplement to Early Settlers by Dr. Carson Gibb Doxey, Thomas HH:340 Film No.: SR 8206 Of St. Mary's Co., by 1669 completed service & married Ann, widow of Robert Hooper Transcript. 12:267 [SR 7354] MSA SC 4341-5461 Doxey, Ann HH:340 Film No.: SR 8206 Widow of Robert Hooper & wife of Thomas Doxey, both of St. Mary's Co., service by 1669 Transcript. 12:267 [SR 7354] MSA SC 4341-5462 This is also given in the book The Early Settlers of Maryland. p. 137, 139 Also listed is Dosse, Ursula Liber 5, Folio 492, transported 1659 Doxey, Ursula Liber 5, Folio 482, transported 1662

Maryland State Archives

Book: Index of Marriage Licenses, Prince George's Co Md, 1777-1886 Susannah Doxy & Lewis W. Plum Nov 6, 1799
Book: Maryland Marriages 1778-1800 Doxey, Jeremiah & Mary Higginson St Marys Co Md 4 SM-184
Book: Index To Marriages And Deaths in the Baltimore Sun Elizabeth Doxey & Arthur McCourt July 2, 1838. Dau of Briscoe S. Doxey. Mary E. Doxey & Charles P. Malloy May 20, 1845. Dau of Josiah Doxey. Doxey, Josiah d. 22 Dec 1850 Doxey, Mary d. 24 Feb 1843, widow of Jeremiah
Maryland Records Jeremiah Doxey md. Mary Nichorson March 23, 1799 St. Mary's Co Ann Doxey md. Thomas Smith Dec 19, 1803 St. Mary's Co Sarah Doxey md. Samuel Theobald July 10, 1797 St Marys Co ?Henry Doxey & James H. Wherett Feb 8, 1819 St Marys Co
Book: Maryland Calendar of Wills, v., v2 v. 1 Doxey, Thomas, St. Mary's Co., 6th Aug 1685, 11th Sept 1685 To John Doxey, Jr. Eliza: Doxey, dau of brother John, Mary and Sarah Doxey, personalty. To wife Anne, plantation during life. To daus. Mary Haddock and Eliza: Lees, and hrs., sd. plantation at death of wife afsd. To dau Tomasin and hrs., "John Briscoe's Plantation." Exs.: Wife Anne, sons Thomas Haddock and Thomas Lees. Test: Thos. Keyting, Wm. Howard, Thos. Haddock. 4. 132 v. 2 p. 15 Jackson, Thomas St Marys Co 10th July 1687, 16 July 1687 To son George and hrs., 100 A., "Doxey's Plantation," St. Mary's Co. p. 132 Askins, John, St. Marys Co 26th Feb 1697, 4th March 1697 To - - - - James Doxey and to William Haddock, personalty. p. 199 Haskins, John, St Marys Co 12th Feb 1699, 12th Feb 1699 To son John and hrs., 100 A., "Westberry" To dau. Sarah Doxee, personalty. To wife Sarah, extx. and residuary legatee. Test: Wm. Gibson, Danly Hanley, Wm. Roach. 6. 381
Charles County Maryland Probate Records, Inventories, Book 1717-1735 John Briscoe Sr decd 10 May 1734 - Sam Williamson Briscoe & Jno Briscoe nearest of kin- Mrs Eleanor Briscoe Exr.
John Doxey Died: 1685, St Mary's Co., Md Md: Wife: Children: Thomas m. Ann, ch: Mary John Jr Mary Sarah
Mary Doxey Md: Thomas Haddock of St Marys Co., Md Haddock Children: Elizabeth Mary Sarah James Rev.,Col.
Elizabeth Doxey Born: 1812, Baltimore, Baltimore Co, MD Died: After 1886, Sisseton, Roberts Co, SD Md: Husband: Job Haines Haines Children: Martha Clayton George S.
IGI Elizabeth Doxey md. George Rice 29 Jan 1801 William & Mary Parish, St Marys Co, Md Saint Georges Church Jeremiah Doxey md. Mary Higginson 24 March 1799 Wm & Mary Parish, St. Marys Co, Md. Saint Georges Church Joseph Garrison Doxey chr 11 June 1803, s. of Jeremiah & Mary Doxey, Wm & Mary Parish, Saint Marys Co Md., Saint Georges Church Sarah Doxey md. Samuel Theobald 10 July 1797 Saint Marys Co Md Thomas Doxey md. Ann Bennett 3 Dec 1801 Wm & Mary Parish, Saint Marys Co Md., Saint Georges Church

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