Doxie's found in Nebraska

Silver Creek Twp, Merrick, NE Series T623 Roll 934 1900 Nebraska VOL. 27

Doxie, Nathan male, white, age 75, born Oct 1826 NY, Farmer, Md 40 yrs (c1859) Father born New York. Mother born Maryland . Rents a farm (Ag. Sch. #31).
Doxie, Julia A. wife, female, white, age 68, b. Sep 1836 New York, md 40y Father born New York. Mother born New York. .
Doxie, Hallie son, male,white, age 23, born Nov 1876 Illinois, single. Father born New York. Mother born New York.

Marriage Book C, Central City, Merrick Co., Neb.
Pg-Lic#-Date-Place/Name/Note. Age, Birth Place. Residence. Parents

p238 #1133 29 Aug 1894 Central City, Merrick, NE
Parsons, Meade 26 Grant Co., W. Virg., of Humphrey, Neb.
Parents: Cornelius Parsons & Melina Parsons
Butt, Doxie, 24 Iowa, of Merrick Co., Neb.
Parents: Thomas Butt & _
Married by J. W. Robinson, Minister of the Gospel.
Witnesses: Mrs Annie Porter & Mrs Mary J. Holden.

Marriage E; Central City, Merrick Co., Neb.
p134 #1951 20 Jun 1906 Silver Creek, Merrick, NE
Roth, Arthur K., age 24 bp: Polk Co., Neb. res: Merrick Co., Neb
Parents: Adam Roth & Louisa Knerr
Towslee, D. Eileen, age 24 bp: Geneseo, Ill res: Merrick Co., Neb
Parents: Sol C. Towslee & Nettie Doxey
Married by Rev. Joseph R. Clarkson, South Omaha, Neb. Married at St. Stephen's Church.
Witnesses: Samuel M. Torrance and Mary E. Torrance
Marriages 1914-1934, Box Butte Co., Neb.
Doxey, Katherine E (Mrs) and Stewart, Joseph J. 1927
Compendium Of History, Reminiscences And Biography Of Neb.
Doxsee, Charles, pg 502
DOXIE, ALICE K. Female Soc Sec #545-18-5658 Born: Oct 8, 1907 Nebraska Died: March 29, 1990 aged 82 yrs, Santa Clara, Ca. Mothers maiden name: COOK Fathers name: BARNETT
DOXSEE, CHARLES CHRIST Male Born: Nov 2, 1902 Neb. Died: Oct 15, 1980 aged 77 yrs, Ventura, Ca. Mothers maiden name: KAUPP Soc Sec # 505-18-0022
THOMAS 1785 - 1977 Laura Vivian Doxie b. 7 May 1871 d. 8 Dec 1925 married 6 Apr 1895 Okla. Terr. Husband: Nelson David Thomas b. 22 Feb 1853 d. 1928 Two children of this marriage is buried in Nebraska

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