Ohio Census 
1800's Doxie, Seth of Harrison/Guernsey Co., OH 

1820 Doxon, Jacob     Athe Co., Ohio, 121 Dover
1820 Doxson, William   Guernsey Co. OH, 184 Cambridge

1820 Census, Stark Co, 195 Tuscarawas Twp, Ohio
Henry Doxsee
1M 26-44 Agr
1M under 10
1F 26-44
3F under 10

1820 Census, Stark Co, 196 Tuscarawas Twp, Ohio
William Doxsee
1M 26-44 
3M 10-15
2M under 10
1F 26-44
1F under 10

Jehial Fox [bro in law of Henry Doxsee]
1M 45 over 
2M 26-44  3 mfg
2M 16-25
1M under 10
1F 26-44
3F under 10

1830 Dox, Wm.                    Champion Co. OH  045          Sal Twp. 
1830 Doxsee, Cornwal         Stark Co. OH 291                   Brookfield [see IL page]
1830 Dox, Wm.                    Wayne Co. OH  086               Sugar Creek Twp., 
1830 Doxy, Jacob                 Wayne Co. OH 086               Sugar Creek Twp. 

1840 Doxer, Mrs.                  Wayne Co., OH    189            Franklin
1840 Doxey, Ranson            Summit Co., OH   259            Morton?
1840 Doxey, Ranson            Stark Co Oh 141                     Brookfield
1840 Doxin, Coldnel             Stark Co., OH  195                  Perry
1840 Doxon, George            Morgan Co. OH   207               Bloom
1840 Doxon, William           Mercer Co. OH   100                Washington
1840 Doxser, Heney           Stark Co OH.   139                    Tuscarawas Twp 
         [see 1850 mortality sched.]
1840 Doxser, Isaac            Stark Co. OH.   181                    Massillon
1840 Doxser, Thomas        Stark Co OH.   188                     Perry

1850 Dox, George                        Clark Co. Oh 279            Pleasant Twp
1851 Dox, George                        Clark Co. Oh                   Pleasant Twp
1850 Doxey, Francis                    Hamilton Co. OH   073   Millcreek Twp
1851 Doxey, Francis                    Hamilton Co. OH            Millcreek Twp
1851 Doxey, Alfred                       Medina Co. OH              Wadsworth Twp
1850 Doxey, Alfred                       Medina Co. OH  266      Wadsworth Twp
1850 Doxey, John                        Medina Co. Oh   266      Wadsworth Twp
1850 Doxey, Mary A.                    Medina Co. Oh. 266       Wadsworth Twp
1851 Doxey, Mary A.                    Medina Co OH                Wadsworth Twp
1851 Doxey, Alfred                       Medina Co. OH               Wadsworth Twp
1850 Doxey, John                        Medina Co OH 266          Wadsworth Twp
1850 Doxey, Alfred                       Medina Co Oh 266          Wadsworth Twp
1851 Doxey, John                        Medina Co OH                 Wadsworth Twp
1850 Doxey, Alfred                       Medina Co. OH 271        Wadsworth Twp
1850 Doxon, George                    Portage Co OH 086          Franklin
1850 Doxser, Henry  Stark Co Oh  age 55, male, Feb NY, fever 01  1850
1850 Doxsee, Nelson                  Stark Co OH 119a  260-265  Bethlehem Twp
     Nelson Doxsee  23, male, cooper, b. OH., liv with Menser? family
1851 Doxsee, Nelson                  Stark Co OH                     Bethlehem Twp
1851 Doxsie, Isacc                      Stark Co. OH                    Tuscarawas Twp 
1850 Doxsie, Isacc                      Stark Co. OH 175a  115-117  Tuscarawas Twp 
    Isaac Doxsie 23, male, shoe maker, b. OH  
    Amanda 20, fem, b. OH  [Amanda Hacket? had s. Geo went to Ind.?]
    James ?/12 male, Oh
1850 Doxsie, Isaac                      Stark Co. OH 185a  259-262  Tuscarawas Twp 
     Isaac Doxsie  39, male, farmer, $6000, b. NY
     Harriet  32, fem, b. OH     [Harriet Bucher, d. of Jacob]
     Mary  17, fem, b. OH
     Harriet  6, fem, b. OH
1851 Doxsie, Isaac                      Stark Co Oh                      Tuscarawas Twp
1850 Doxee, William                   Stark Co. OH 224a  197-201 Perry Twp
    William Doxee  78, male, laborer, b. NY  [c1772  see Dutchess Co NY]
     Kepise??  53, fem, b. NY
     Nelson  21, male, laborer, b. OH
     Malinda 18, fem, b. OH
     Sarah 17, fem, b. OH
1850 Doxsee, Thomas                 Stark Co Oh 228              Perry Twp
1851 Doxsee, Thomas                 Stark Co Oh                     Perry Twp
1850 Doxsee, Eleanor                 Stark Co Oh 249b  535-568  Perry Twp
     Eleanor Doxsee  60, fem,  b. NY   living with the Thos. Richards family
     [Eleanor Eldredge Doxsee, widow of Henry Doxsee]
1851 Doxsee, Eleanor                 Stark Co Oh                      Perry Twp    
1850 Doxer, William                    Stark Co Oh   259a  630-636  Perry Twp
     Wm. Doxer  19, male, b. OH  liv with the George Matthews family
1851 Doxee, William                   Stark Co. OH                     Perry Twp
1850 Doxsee, Thomas                 Stark Co. OH 228  can't find  Perry Twp. 
1850 Doxsee, Eleanor                 Stark Co. OH 249b  535-568  Perry Twp. 
1851 Doxsee, Thomas                Stark Co. OH                      Perry Twp. 
1851 Doxsee, Eleanor                Stark Co. OH                      Perry Twp.
1850 Doxer, William                  Stark Co. OH  259               Perry Twp
1850 Doxsee, Nelson                 Stark Co. OH  p.119a  #260-265  Bethlehem Twp. 
1851 Doxsee, Nelson                Stark Co. OH                       Bethlehem Twp. 
1850 Doxza, Hillen T.                Summit Co OH   031           Norton Twp
1851 Doxza, Hillen T.                Summit Co Oh                     Norton Twp 

1860 Doxy, Juliet Morrow Co. OH 032 South Bloomfield Twp. 

1870 Doxy, Anna   Lucas Co. OH 535 Washington Twp 
1870 Doxsee, Ellen   Stark Co. OH 393 3 W. Massillon 
1870 Doxsee, Edward   Stark Co. OH 394 3 W. Massillon 
1870 Doxsee, Margaret   Stark Co. OH 394 3 W. Massillon 
1870 Doxsee, Rebecca   Stark Co. OH 397 3 W. Massillon 
1870 Doxsee, Thomas   Stark Co. OH 397 3 W. Massillon 

1850 Ohio Mortality Schedule p. 61 Henry Doxser of Stark County Ohio Male, age 55. Died February 1850 from fever. Birth place New York. Occupation farmer.
History of Stark County Ohio - 1881 p. 233 [Mexican War] Stark Rangers, 3rd Regt., Capt. Allen's Company Isaac Doxey, Private p. 235 ---many years have passed and all of Capt. Allen's company are dead except -- Isaac Doxey, near Massillon; p. 401 Inside of the city limits [Massillon] are the Merchant Flouring Milla: Messrs. Warwick & Justus, and Isaac N. Doxsee, in the Sippo Valley p. 410 Thirty eight yeas have gone into the great ocean of time since Elder Jonas Hartzell organized the Disciples' Church in Massillon. The first Pastor was Elder Eli Regel. The first Board of Trustees was Charles London, John Bender and Isaac N. Doxsee. Mr. London and Mr. Doxsee yet survive-- p. 517
Confederate P. O. W.'S, Soldiers & Sailors Who Died In Federal Prisons & Military Hospitals In the North p. 66 Camp Chase, Near Columbus, Ohio Confederate Cemetery Name: Doxy, Martin Rank: Private Company: "B" Regiment: 1st Tenn. Cav. Date of Death: May 26, 1864 No. and locality of grave: 167, C. C. p. 666, 667 Biographical Sketches I. N. Doxsee, milling, Massillon; was born April 9, 1811, in Essex Co. N.Y., son of Henry and Eleanor Eldridge. To them were born Isaac N., Anne, Lovina and Jane. The father of our subject was a native of Holland; his mother was born in Connecticut. After marrying in New York, they came west to Ohio in 1814, locating in Tuscarawas Tp. where he purchased land, remaining on the same until his death. Our subject was reared amid the stirring scenes that occurred during the early settlement of that township. Remaining at home until past his majority, he entered a store where he clerked some time. He then learned the tinner's trade, which he followed for twenty years. Having an opportunity to engage in the milling business, he purchased the mills he now operates, and has since conducted the same. The business was not flattering at first, having then but four run of buhrs, and but little to do. He has since increased the number to seven, which are now run night and day to supply his shipping demand, his flour being sold in New York, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. In 1838, he married Harriet Bucher, who was born in Canton, Ohio, in 1818, daughter of Jacob Bucher; they have no issue. Mr. Doxsee has raised several children and has adopted James N., who now bears the name of Doxsee. Mr. D. and wife are both members of the Christian Church. In politics, he is a Republican; during the time when the Free Soil ticket was being voted, Mr. Doxsee was one of the two who exercised his right of suffrage in the voting precinct for that party. p. 670 James A. Hackett married 1871 Harriet Rethrough, who died in 1872, giving birth to twins, Clarence and Charles. She was an adopted daughter of I. N. Doxsee.
Stewarts History of N.E. Ohio Abstracts from biographies Charles J. Doxey, b. 1903 Oh. Father: Arthur L. Doxey, b. Mich. Mother: Nettie Smith Wife: Evelyn McCool
Book: Stark County Story v. 1 p. 187 Early settlers bunched together in three distinct groups: The Pennsylvania Dutch; The New Yorkers, who were called "Doxsee's" after one of their families; And East Greenville, OH; p. 413 The disciples or christian church, org. 1842, held 1st service in an upper room of the Isaac N. Doxsee home. Mr. Doxsee was on church board. Isaac sold lot to church for $150.00 p. 415 Church picture p. 467 Issaac N. Doxsee flour mill - Sippo Valley p. 468 Isaac Doxsee, followed tinners trade 20 years befoe entering flour milling business. He married Harriet Bucher, daughter of Jacob Bucher of Canton.
Book: Early Marriages Of Stark County Ohio Nelson Doxsee m. Mary Ann Fossel 9 Jan 1851 Isaac N. Doxsee m. Harriet Bucher 2 Dec 1838 [dau of Jacob Bucher of Canton, Oh] Thomas Doxee m. Julia Dunn 6 Oct 1831 Conrad Doxin m. Sarah Foster 22 Oct 1829
Stark County Ohio Early Church Records p. 195 Newman Baptist Cemetery Doxey, Isaac Mexican War d. 1881, aged 51
Book: Tuscarawas County Ohio Cemeteries Wayne Township, Dundee Cemetery Rebecca Doxsee, wife of T. Doxsee, d. 9 Dec 1881, aged 77y 10m 5d
Civil War Soldiers Edward D Doxsee, age 20, enlisted in Ohio 27 April 1861as a Priv in the Union Army
Book: Register of Confederate Dead Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio and in Johnson's Island Confederate Cemetery near Sandusky, Ohio p. 40 Doxy, Martin Pvt., Co. "B", 1st Tenn. Cav., d. May 26, 1864, grave mark No. 167, Grave, 6, Row 7
Ohio Land Records Patentee: Isaac N. Doxsee Land Office: WOOSTER Document Number: 3144 Miscellaneous Document Number: Title Authority: CASH ENTRY SALE Signature: Y Signature Date: 1835/12/15 Description Number: 1 Aliquot Parts: NW Section Number: 30 Twp.: 22 N Range: 20 W Base Line: OHIO RIVER SURVEY Total Acres: 159.1000 Access Number: OH0580__.173 Volume ID: 052
Ohio Death Index 1958-1969, Update Certificate Number: 20073 Volume Number: 15354 Sex: Female Race: White Name: Doxsie, Rose Co. of Death: Lucas Co. City of Death: Toledo Co. of Residence: Lucas Co. City of Residence: Date of Death: March 07, 1958 Age of Death: 61 Years Marital Status: Married
Certificate Number: 80267 Volume Number: 16708 Sex: Male Race: White Name: Doxsie, Hugh I. Co. of Death: Lucas Co. City of Death: Toledo Co. of Residence: Lucas Co. City of Residence: Toledo Date of Death: October 25, 1961 Age of Death: 75 Years Marital Status: Widowed
Certificate Number: 65312 Volume Number: 17400 Sex: Male Race: White Name: Doxsie, Charles J Co. of Death: Ashtabula Co. City of Death: Ashtabula Co. of Residence: Ashtabula Co. City of Residence: Ashtabula Date of Death: September 19, 1963 Age of Death: 57 Years Marital Status: Married
Certificate Number: 77679 Volume Number: 17449 Sex: Male Race: White Name: Doxsie, Burnell W. Co. of Death: Lucas Co. City of Death: Toledo Co. of Residence: Lucas Co. City of Residence: Date of Death: October 07, 1963 Age of Death: 47 Years Marital Status: Married
Certificate Number: 14666 Volume Number: 18773 Sex: Male Race: White Name: Doxsee, Charles I. Co. of Death: Stark Co. City of Death: Co. of Residence: Stark Co. City of Residence: Date of Death: February 06, 1967 Age of Death: 78 Years Marital Status: Married
Book: Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots Doxsee, Thomas Buried Levers Cemetery near Brookfield, Stark Co OH
Official Roster Revolutionary Soldiers Of The American Revolution Buried In The State of Ohio, 1775 - 1783 p. 118 Doxsee, Thomas, (vaious spellings), (Stark Co.) Br Aug 2, 1742. Presumably in Ulster Co, N. Y. D Dec 28, 1821, Massillon, Stark Co., O. Bur Levers Cem, near village of Brookfield, 1/4 mile north of Lincoln Highway, top of hill near center of cem. MI: "Thomas Doxsee. D Dec 28, 1821, age 79 yrs. 4 mo 26 days." GM by insignia of G.A.R. Appearance of the monument indicates that it was set soon after the decease of Thomas Doxsee. Descendants in Canterbury, Morrow Co., O, and Massillon, O. Smithsonian Report 58
Civil War Soldier Edward D. Doxsee served from Ohio. He enlisted 27 April 1861 in Ohio at the age of 20. His rank was Private
Certificate of Death Place of Death: Stark Registration District # 1207 Village of Canal Fulton Full Name: George Doxsee Residence: W. High Street Wife: Christine Doxsee Date of Birth: 10/14/1853 Age: 82yr 4m 18d Trade: Coal Miner Birthplace: W. Brookfield Ohio Father: Isaac Doxsee Birthplace: Not Known Mother: Amanda Haket Birthplace: Brookfield Ohio Signature of Informant: Etta Works, 504 E. 30th St., Muncie, Indiana Burial: Canal Fulton 3/5/1836 Funeral Director: W. A. O'Brien-Canal Fulton Filed 4/4/1936 C. E. Gainey-Registrar Principal Cause Of Death: Apoplexy - Onset 3/24/1936 Arterio Sclerosis - Onset: 1925 Signed Paul E. Gilmore MD 3/23/1936 Canal Fulton Ohio
George Doxsee Of Canal Fulton, Massillon, Canton OH area Born: Oct 14, 1853 W. Brookfield Ohio Died: March 1936 Stark Co. Ohio Burial: Canal Fulton 3/5/1836 [should read 1936] Age: 82yr 4m 18d Father: Isaac Doxsee Mother: Amanda Haket Born: Brookfield Ohio Md: Wife: Christina Children: William Daisy D b. 1881 d. 1972 Ida M John H. Charles Golda Dewey Curtis Russell G. Letisha

Dewey Curtis Doxsee Born: 1898 Died: 1955 buried in Union Cemetery, Canal Fulton, OH Father: George Doxsee Mother: Christina Md: Loretta Olivia HAAS Born: 1902 Died: 1978 Children: Dorothy John Donald

DOXSEE, CHARLES HAMILTON Male Born: March 23, 1876 Ohio Died: June 11, 1947 aged 71 yrs, San Mateo, Ca. Mothers maiden name: EDWARDS Fathers name: DOXSEE DOXSEE, CLARENCE M. Male Born: July 30, 1861 Ohio Died: Feb, 1, 1956 aged 94 years, San Mateo, Ca. Mothers maiden name: BENNETT Fathers name: DOXSEE Soc Sec # 546-26-0405
Camp Chase Cemetery Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio Doxy, Martin, d. 05/26/1864, Plot: 0 0 167, bur. 05/26/1864
IGI Henry Doxy md. Margarett A. Nelson 17 Dec 1834 Ashtabula Co Oh J. W. Doxsee md. Jessie S. Faucett 3 Feb 1887 Columbiana Co Oh William M. Dox md. Annie M. Blakesley 22 June 1885 Cuyahoga Co Oh George W. Doxsee md. Dora E. Talbott 20 Nov 1883 Henry Co Oh Juliett Doxey md. John Knouff 23 Oct 1864 Morrow Co Oh Clara Louisa Doxsey b. 15 Oct 1873 Muskingum Co Oh, dau of Joseph F. Doxsey & Ann T. Cresap Ann Doxsee md. William Anderson 10 July 1833 Stark Co Oh Edward D. Doxee md. Mary S. Koons 25 March 1879 Stark Co Oh Elizabeth Doxsee md. Lewis Moon 7 Dec 1837 Stark Co Oh Emily Doxsee md. John Hoe 14 Aug 1852 Stark Co Oh George Doxsee md. Christian Ecker 18 July 1878 Stark Co Oh Isaac N. Doxsee md. Harriet Bucher 2 Dec 1838 Stark Co Oh James W. Doxey md. Bertha E. Wertzbaugher 9 May 1882 Stark Co Oh Jane A. Doxy md. William Bell 1 Nov 1877 Stark Co Oh Jane E. Doxsee md. Thomas R. Richmond 19 March 1839 Stark Co Oh Jessie Doxie md. Thomas L. Davis 28 July 1879 Stark Co Oh John Doxey md. Jennie Davis 17 May 1877 Stark Co Oh Lovenia Doxsee md. Absolain Klinker 10 Apr 1838 Stark Co Oh Nelson Doxsee md. Susanna Candle 14 Feb 1860 Stark Co Oh Nilson Doxsee md. Mary Noaeri 9 Jan 1851 Stark Co Oh Ollie Doxy md. John Karr 6 Jan 1881 Stark Co Oh Thomas Doxee md. Julia Dunn 6 Oct 1831 Stark Co Oh Clarissa Dox md. Robert Brown 26 Feb 1846 Wayne Co Oh Jacob Doxey md. Margaret Ann Moore 6 Nov 1828 Wayne Co Oh C. A. Dock md. Julia Picard 23 Apr 1859 Sandusky Co OH David L. Dock md. Etta Birely 27 Nov 1880 Mercer Co Oh George Dock md. Barbara Shulz 29 Jan 1854 Stark Co Oh Henry Dock md. Catharine Deitsch 9 Apr 1874 Mercer Co Oh Maria Adoline Dock b. 19 Feb 1835 Fairfield Twp, Columbiana Co Oh dau of Samuel Dock & Lydia Mary Ann Docks md. Lorenzo D. Mathews 24 June 1878 Union Co Oh Mary E. Dock md. John A. Loudenbeck 11 Jan 1885 Mercer Co Oh Samuel Dock md. Mary Gripe 14 Sept 1841 Stark Co Oh William Doxel md. Tena Weaver 26 June 1851 Cuyahoga Co Oh Mary E. Doxene md. F. M. Fisher 28 Jan 1872 Henry Co Oh
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