Van Tassel & Doxey

7 1230 233 94 27 6 1 539 Jones Bell
Isaac D. Van Tassel b. 5/11/1841
md. - no date
Sarah Doxey b. 1846 in Fishkill Plains NY **
Isaac & Sarah VT lived on the Van Cortland Estate from 1886 to 1876 and later moved to Wappingers Falls NY.
2346 Lucinda 1871
2347 Matilda 1875
2348 Elizabeth Malinda 1880
2349 Jennie 1884
2350 Lewis "Louis" 1887
2346.1 Marie 1872 **

9 3094 900 372 165 58 13 1 1885 Henry Alfred
John Manley Van Tassel 3/23/1908 1999

John Manley VT was born in Rainy River ON. He lived most of his life in Rossland BC where he worked in nearby Trail BC for giant Cominco Ltd, the largest lead and zinc smelter in the world. He returned to the Rainy River ON area upon becoming a widower and being retired.
no mg. date
Irene Susan Doxsee d. 2/2/1978; d/ William & Agnes (nee Hurrell) Doxsee **
Children: 4053 Alma Joan 8/27/1935 m1 Gordon Lockwood;
m2 Willard McFarlane d 1992; no issue **
4054 Robert Gerald 6/26/1937
4055 Patricia Ann 6/2/1945

Editor's note: This man was my uncle "Manley", his father being my grandfather. Obviously the children are my cousins.

2 7 1 father: 1 Jan Cornelius
Jan Cornelius Van TEXEL bp 5/1/1678 1727
An the very early Old Dutch Church at Sleepy Hollow records we find Jan Cornelius Van Texel and his wife listed as early members of the Church. Jan was a Deacon from 8/1716 to 1717 and was ordained an Elder on 8/20/1727. From the marriage record we learn that the wife was born on Long Island, and that each was living in the Highlands, upon the lands of Steven Van Cortlandt.
Married: 10/5/1700
Catharina Springsteen b. 4/6/1684; d/ Joost (Justus) Casper & Magdelena (nee Jensen) Springsteen **
31 Magdalena bp 3/20/1704
32 Annetje bp 3/25/1707
33 Johannis 1708
34 Cornelia (Jannette) bp 11/6/1711
35 Albertus bp 5/25/1714
36 Henrickus bp 4/18/1716
37 Catherina bp 4/2/1719
38 Jacob bp 4/23/1723

8 2940 798 310 131 33 1
father: 1744 Abraham Perlee Van Tassel 4/19/1860 3/13/1937
Perlee VT was an engineer of Jersey City NJ.
married 12/12/1893
Sophia Springsteen d. 4/24/1935 d/ George & Sarah (nee Dougherty) Springsteen **
3947 Amanda Gatter 1/4/1885 d 8/17/1944 **
3948 George Abraham 6/30/1887 dy 1891 **
3949 Sarah Elizabeth 7/6/1889 dy 1891 **
3950 Mary Osborne 1/8/1895
3951 Howard Perlee 3/11/1895
3952 Caroline Tiller 3/27/1889
3953 Archibald Clinton 7/3/1901

24 24021 (no father confirmed on this file, see below)
John Van Tassel 11/18/1817 NY 3/13/1909
John VT ws born in NY State and is buried in the Old Dutch Reformed Churchyard, one mile from Ramsey NJ. His second wife, Sarah (Sally), was part Indian and before her death, she destroyed the Family Bible and John's past. She had two children previous; Alice and Edward of Stoatsburg NY. The children shown here may not be in order of birth. John worked in the Sterling Iron Mines near Bear Mountain Park, a part of his land is now included in the park. The family say John had a least two brothers of the Greenwood Lake area of New York
no date Unknown Martha ? **
no date Sarah Springstead nee Herbert; widow d 2/15/1922 **
25060 Tillie no date **
25061 William c 1860 **
25062 Benjamin c 1868
25063 Howard c 1845 d 11/23/1921; m Unknown; no issue **
25064 Hannah no date m Mr Mason os(2) John & Esther **
25065 Charles Willis 1/18/1847 conflicting dates; we have 11/1869 as well; more

Michael H (Mickey) Pazurik

Another Van Tassel Connection

Cornelis Jansen Van Tassel (or Van Texel), who married Catoneras, daughter of Wyandanch sachem of the Montauks of Long Island. They had one known child, Jan Cornelissen Van Tassel, who relocated to the Tarrytown area with his wife, Annetje Alberts, and had several children who, if I have the story straight, are the heads of the Van Tassel lines in this country.
Incidentally, I hadn't known about the Doxsee-Van Tassel connection. If my Elizabeth Doxsee turns out to be from this line, then my parents were cousins! (My dad has the Doxsee line, and my mother has the Van Tassel).


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